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  • You Are Bigger Then Anything that Happens to You

    Is There A Bully In the House?

    “I think the greatest gift a parent can give their child, is a sense of humor”…Toni Attell I have always wondered what makes a child or teen a bully. Is it their upbringing, their social network, or the fact that they might feel left out, …Read More →
  • M  0930

    The Actors Thinking after Auditioning

    I could have, would have, should have! I always have to laugh at myself and my friends who are actors; as we always talk about auditions in terms of “If only I did this!” or “I should have done that!” or “I could have done …Read More →
  • M  0047

    The Hollywood Style of Acting

    By Toni Attell Welcome to Hollywood! You will find many excellent coaches, agents, and managers here. However, please take baby steps as you start out in this business. Acting is a business. Your face, body, and talent are all embedded in “YOU.” You are the …Read More →
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