Acting Classes for Seniors

toni-attellToni has been working for the retirement community for many years offering both Acting Classes and shows for Seniors.  She has the ability to perform and teach in a fun, easy to follow manner.

Toni is Passionate about her work with Senior Citizens!  She enjoys watching them open up and become playful – something some of them didn’t think they could do any longer.

Acting classes are really FUN and they help seniors in many ways!

  • Helps with memory and speaking skills
  • Helps restore self confidence
  • Builds interactive skills for creating friendships, which leads to a wonderful group mentality.



class-02Acting Classes for Seniors:

  • Senior Acting Classes
  • Chair Mime
  • Improvisation

 – (the art of telling a story) Participants learn how to tell stories, which works with the national storytelling group, that visits hospitals, and schools.  This is is a wonderful way to help adults learn how to present, prepare and hold an class-03audience’s attention.  It also opens up the possibility of story telling contests with other groups.

  • Chair Yoga
  • Storytelling and Writing for the elders
  • Meditation techniques
  • Weekly games for their minds
  • Classes created for your residents needs
  • Classes in using your imagination
  • Hollywood stories and gossip of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s stars

Call Toni at (818) 787-8685 to discuss what she can do for your retirement community including fun acting classes for seniors!

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Seniors at Vintage in Simi Valley

It is a joy to have Toni come and teach our residents the art of acting. Not only is the class educational but fun, fun, fun! The residents love attending her class and to look forward to each week that Toni comes. It is so good to hear all the laughter. She is a great gal!

– Flo Trapani Vintage Simi Hills A Vintage Senior Living Community


Acting classes for seniors is fun way to stay active!

What do Toni’s Student’s say?

Micro‐Seminar Survey Results

Acting for Non‐Actors
Toni Attell
School of Cinematic Arts

Question #7: Please share any other comments about your Micro‐Seminar experience.

• Awesome class. I would love to take something with her in the future.
• Got me out of my shell.
• Real fun.
• Very exciting and enjoyable!
• Very animated, learned so much about the whole acting process and improv.
• Very fun! Great way to open people up on the first week.
• Excellent seminar. Really pushed me to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new.
• It was a very enjoyable and exciting new experience.
• Very very interesting, fun, comfortable atmosphere. Very good instructor.
• Very fun!!
• Toni is incredible. I wish she was a professor on campus.
• Our instructor was really good at getting us all involved and making us feel comfortable with
the exercises.
• Really entertaining, worth waking up early, really fun and interactive. Helped me really get to
know people and their personalities. I really want to take a class with her like this.
• Really fun, good class to meet people. Very social. Also, I learned a lot about auditioning; it was
very informative! I will definitely take another class like this.
• Very interactive and fun.


Dear Toni,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “I had the pleasure, good fortune and delightful opportunity of working with Toni this past August while attending NYFA @ Universal Studios.
She is a master of her craft. A wealth of knowledge, talent & creative ability which she generously shares in a brilliant rapid-fire fashion. If I were to say she were worth her weight in gold that would be an understatement….she is far more valuable than that!”
Lin Hultgren


Thank you so much for this amazing class and for your hard work. Thank you for being the beautiful person, talented actress I’m getting to know and for being such a sensitive and skilled acting coach I’m having the privilege to work with. See you in class.
Love & Light,


Hi Professor Attell,

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your microseminar. It must have been hard to learn people’s names in just two 90 minute sessions. If you remember, when we were acting, you played the part of my mother who yelled at me for drinking in the house.

Acting is something that I’ve always had a passion for. Your microseminar helped me improve tremendously. I would love to take something again with you at some point. Is there a place where I could find a list of the courses you teach?

I already miss being in the classroom with you. Thanks again!

Sean Andrews


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