Micro‐Seminar Survey Results

Acting for Non‐Actors
Toni Attell
School of Cinematic Arts

Question #7: Please share any other comments about your Micro‐Seminar experience.

• Awesome class. I would love to take something with her in the future.
• Got me out of my shell.
• Real fun.
• Very exciting and enjoyable!
• Very animated, learned so much about the whole acting process and improv.
• Very fun! Great way to open people up on the first week.
• Excellent seminar. Really pushed me to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new.
• It was a very enjoyable and exciting new experience.
• Very very interesting, fun, comfortable atmosphere. Very good instructor.
• Very fun!!
• Toni is incredible. I wish she was a professor on campus.
• Our instructor was really good at getting us all involved and making us feel comfortable with
the exercises.
• Really entertaining, worth waking up early, really fun and interactive. Helped me really get to
know people and their personalities. I really want to take a class with her like this.
• Really fun, good class to meet people. Very social. Also, I learned a lot about auditioning; it was
very informative! I will definitely take another class like this.
• Very interactive and fun.



“I have known and worked with Toni Attell for many years. I have enjoyed her as a talent, friend and recently as a hypnotherapist to overcome stage fright. I’m happy to say after 4 sessions, I’m more confident and very comfortable in live situations. Thanks Toni!”

Tracey Bregman Recht, Actress, The Young and the Restless


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires…Thank you Toni Attell

Bianca Desai


“I met Toni as a student in her “Acting for the Writer” class at USC….from the first few moments in that class, we knew we had something special in our professor…..Toni was able to seamlessly work with all our strengths and weaknesses. Her carefully chosen, clever exercises taught us how to build characters and stories in our writing by utilizing acting skills. By the time we had completed the course, the improvement among the students was undeniably apparent…..Toni has the type of personality that immediately captures your attention….. however, Toni doesn’t just stand out. It is her personable warmth and her genuine interest in her students’ aspirations and well-being that make her stand above…..Toni went out of her way, outside of the classroom, using her industry network to help further my career…. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with or learn from her is beyond fortunate; she has so much to teach.”

Marcy Kelly, Los Angeles, CA


“Toni was the consummate professional, both as an acting coach and as a mentor for my children. Thanks to her guidance, they were represented by top Hollywood agents and were cast into commercials for Nike, Ford, Kohl’s and Hanes, among others. The acting, improv and auditioning skills they learned from Toni improved their self-confidence and has also helped them achieve a high degree of success in high school and college.”

Deborah K., Orange, CA


“Toni is an excellent teacher and human being. She gave me outstanding feedback and direction and guided me in ways that promoted my career and helped me avoid the pitfalls that so many people unintentionally fall into.”

Chris F., Orange, CA


“The amazing thing is, that when I got the part, all the techniques you taught me just came to me. I took such a different approach to it than I had taken when I tried out for parts before. I learned so much from you so quickly. Dammit! You made a real actor out of me!!”

Patrick McCarthy – actor and sitcom writer, Hollywood, CA


“Toni’s warmth and humor put me at ease from my very first lesson with her. In just a few short months, I have already learned so much that is going to help me in becoming a better actress.”

Alexis C., Los Alamitos, CA


“Toni was a great help to me not only as an acting coach, but she completely helped me with changing my French accent and taught me English as I acted. She mentored about how to make acting into a viable business. She is amazing!”

David B., Beverly Hills


“I wanted to thank you for being a great teacher…….I really enjoyed your acting classes. They will always be one of my fondest LA memories.”

Julie S., Los Angeles, CA

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