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Baby Steps for Actors

As an actress, and a on -stage performer, I had taken a new turn about 10 years ago with managing some of the students I had worked with. I did this for a short time and got about 35 people work. It was hard work for me with very little money, but a lot of satisfaction seeing the students I trained get work. I noticed that actors of all ages sabotogue themselves very quickly when they got near to really making it.

First they would stop taking lessons and or working with a coach, which is a very bad move. I still work with a coach when going out for a TV show or Movie. Commercials you do not need to coach with anyone, but you do need to make choice and learn how to really audition for whatever the commercial is about and you usually are not called in until a few hours before the audition with no sides,this information I will get to in another article.

The most important thing to remember about the business, ( and it is a business) of Acting is this: TAKE BABY STEPS.

Don’t get overwhelmed and confused by what others are doing. Your job is to take first some inexpensive photos You just need a good look to give to agents and managers, then they might wish to change the photos to fit the style of their agency. Agents like their own look and will have you visit some of the photographers they like. They will show you a book with many photographers, like any good businessperson, look and talk to the photographers. You want to resonate with the photographer as they are capturing …”the special you.”

Don’t compete. Each actor has his own timeline, and you do not want to be seen by a casting director or agent, until you know what you are doing. So many actors, after three months, think they know it all and are now ready. Once they walk into that agent or casting directors office…that’s it. If the Casting Director or Agent doesn’t like you and if you don’t know what you are doing, well then, unfortunately you have blown your chance. Remember, however, that you will go to many offices and some people will like you and others don’t. It is the nature of the business and do not take it personnaly. I know that is easier said then done. You would not call yourself a expert computer programer unless you knew how to program all types of computers. Same with acting.

Right now the business is in flux. Lots of actors, wanting to get vouchers to become SAG/AFTRA but what these actors don’t realize is that once they do become part of the union,( which in time, they will), but if the actor joins the Union too soon, they will end up auditioning against people, who have been acting a lot longer then they have and know exactly what to do.

Learn the differences between all the styles of Hollywood Acting. Know the modalities and changes between, multi-camera shows, to single camera shows. Comedy to Drama. Commercial to Infomercials Reality shows to scripted reality shows. The list is endless.
Knnow hot to get started in joining the many on-line clubs that put you out into the world of acting and which ones are good and which ones are just taking monies to let you exhaust yourself with lot’s of free acting bits on camera. You do need film and yes, doing it free will be a start, but don’t exhaust you or your parents ( if you are a teen) just doing “anything” it can in itself be expensive and overwhelming. I have only used my film tape a few times to get an agent. So, go slow, learn your craft and then venture out with knowledge and support to create a splash with casting directors, managers and agents. Take Bab

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