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    The Ws of Acting

    If you want a simple approach to acting then I would suggest using the W’s method. The Ws of Acting Basically it is: Who are you talking to? What was said before your character answers What do you want from that person? Why do you …Read More →
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    I could have owned Malaysia, but have a closet full of clothes instead

    As an actor you will find many highs and lows. It is important to prepare for the lows. Many famous and infamous but great actors fulfill the empty “rejection” spots by different addictions. Drinking, Gambling, Smoking, Drugs and Binging are just a few of the …Read More →
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    You Are Bigger Then Anything that Happens to You

    Life started out great for me in my 20’s. I was playing a starring role of the pregnant girl, “Jeannie” in the musical HAIR and I was a aspiring mime who was making it big in San Francisco. I had sang the song, “Welcome Sulfur …Read More →
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    Make Choices when Acting

    One of the biggest mistakes young actors or new actors tend to do when entering the business of acting and auditioning is that they read the script and do exactly what the writer has written.  That is good in some cases, however, the writer has …Read More →
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    Welcome to Film, TV and Commercials for Acting

    Welcome to Hollywood!  You will find many excellent coaches, agents and managers here.  However, please take baby steps as you start out in this business.  Acting is a business.  Your face, body and talent are all embedded in “YOU”. You are the merchandise.   First …Read More →
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    Working with Managers and Agents

      In Hollywood if you are new, or a teen, child, or parent, it can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Remember the whole “feeling” around Hollywood for all actors even adults seems to be “You are never enough!”  All this is untrue, but it keeps the actor …Read More →
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    How to deal with contracts with Agents and Managers

    Remember to view your contracts carefully. Sometimes on a set, everything happens at once.  If I can suggest some things that might help you I will. First of all arrive 3o minutes early to the set.  Check in with the Production Assistant and introduce yourself.  …Read More →
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    Top Ten Tips for Auditioning

      Top Ten Tips For Auditioning Many people have been recently asking about auditioning techniques.  So here are the top ten tips for auditions.   Get the full script and or sides and read through them without taking a break.  Do not answer phones, or …Read More →
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    Look At Your Contracts

    After many years dedicated to my students and the business of Acting, it has come to my attention, that the Biz, is no longer for actors who just wish to act. It is a business! Both young and older actor must take responsibility to read …Read More →
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    Young Actor’s Tips

    Recently I received a comment from a young seventeen year old who was concerned that he had a bit of acne on his face and if that would stop his career. I wrote him back to just ignore the acne. It all goes away and …Read More →
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