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Welcome to Film, TV and Commercials for Acting

Welcome to Hollywood!  You will find many excellent coaches, agents and managers here.  However, please take baby steps as you start out in this business.  Acting is a business.  Your face, body and talent are all embedded in “YOU”. You are the merchandise.


Commercials for ActingFirst let me suggest that before you do anything, know that Hollywood has a style unlike most other states and countries, so like any business, you must learn the styles of acting and then find the acting techniques that works for you or the many different modalities of techniques and mix the ones that work for you.


Do not let yourself be seen by an agent, manager or casting director, until you know your acting is ready to be seen.  Don’t take pictures or spend any money unless, it is to learn your craft.


Any agent or manager that asks for money, is not a legal representative. and do not give your photos to a photographer without your permission or  anyone to use , without your knowledge, or it might end up as a cover for an Insurance packet and you will never get a cent.

    No Twitter Messages.