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How to deal with contracts with Agents and Managers

Remember to view your contracts carefully. Sometimes on a set, everything happens at once.  If I can suggest some things that might help you I will.

First of all arrive 3o minutes early to the set.  Check in with the Production Assistant and introduce yourself.  They usually very kindly ask if you want something to drink, water, tea, coffee and perhaps donuts.  Be nice, but turn that stuff down and ask to be  introduced to the Makeup and Hair department, where you will introduce yourself and ask when they would like to work on you.  Please remember guest and co-stars are usually the first to film, so you want to look good.  If they are not ready yet, ask to go to wardrobe, again, introduce yourself, get your costume and go to your trailer.

Once in your trailer, it gets busy.  First get into your costume, then almost immediately there will be a knock on your door with contract.  Read them, if there is something you do not understand …ASK.  Call your agent or manager if something is not in the contract that you were told should be, like photos.  SAG does not cover photos so if it says you are to have a payout and it is not in the contract, have your agent call the production office right away to get that straightened out.

Last but not least if you find that your agent or manager is not working for you and or has not gotten you anything for 90 days or more, you can send a certified letter, nicely telling them you no longer need their services.  You will owe them monies for what jobs they did get you in residuals but most agents and managers will not fight you and decently let you go.  That said, remember, Agents and Managers work very hard for a little bit of money, so be generous to them because 70% of something is better then 0%. So, be appreciative and loyal if you feel they are still developing you.  I got 35 adults and children work.  They all grew up and used their money for college.  It was fine with me.

I feel you always need a second plan.  I no longer manage because it was really hard work and not a lot of kudos.  So, be kind to everyone and remember “the assistant today is the casting director of tomorrow”

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