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Top Ten Tips for Auditioning


Top Ten Tips For Auditioning

Many people have been recently asking about auditioning techniques.  So here are the top ten tips for auditions.


  1. Get the full script and or sides and read through them without taking a break.  Do not answer phones, or distract yourself until you have finished reading the entire context of the movie or show and the character’s journey in the show’s situation. It is important while reading the script to just absorb it and not make any judgments or acting choices about the character.


2.      If you cannot get the entire script before the audition, try and get to the casting office early and read the script before you audition.  The casting associate or casting director will usually have it available.  Make choices about the intentions of the character (who is now you) and what the character wants and how the character goes about reaching his/her goals actively.


  1. Dress appropriately without overdoing it.  Hinting at the wardrobe is more then enough. Realness is more important.  It is not just you saying the words written by the author but what you (the character) is thinking and how you communicate the words.  Commitment is important, so do not judger the character. If the character happens to be a bad person research what happened to damage the character.  Explore why the character feels that way by creating a back life. Become the character and understand and respect the choices the character begins to make on the journey.


  1. Watch television shows if you are auditioning for television and recognize the different styling of the shows.  Educate yourself on the difference between the acting styles on multi -camera shows (played a little bigger for audiences) like “Everyone loves Raymond” to single camera shows (a bit more realistic most of the time-but sometimes can be comedically a little larger then life) like” Curb Your Enthusiasm” Note different styles in Dramas as well.


5.      Walk into the audition with enthusiasm and energy.  Don’t bring in any drama stories about the traffic or why you are late.  So, please don’t be late.  Give yourself plenty of time to get to your audition so you are not stressed out by the time you get there.


6.      Always be polite to the casting assistant.  They may be the assistant today but tomorrow they can be the casting director.  Don’t wear strong scents, like too much perfume or cologne.  If you are in a small room this can really be offensive to a casting director.


7.      If the casting director asks you about “ what have you been doing?”  Don’t give them a blow by blow of your acting resume, just talk about yourself and the real things in your life.


8.      Show the casting people and director that you are a team player.  Be relaxed.  Remember people want to work with fun people on a set.  No one wants a problem.


9.      If the director or casting director re- directs you, then feel great! It’s a good sign. Usually means they are interested in you but want to see if you can take direction. Take a breath, be calm and listen to them.  Take their direction and do it over again.  Ask questions if you have them but do not ask questions just to get the group to talk with you.  Don’t waste their time.


10.  Don’t take the audition personally. Not getting the job usually doesn’t have anything to do with you.  Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will.  If you think you didn’t do as great a job as you could have done do not walk out with your shoulders down and feeling bad.  I find actors loose their best chances of getting the job because they are judging themselves and let’s face facts, we aren’t the best judges about ourselves and that is why we need directors. When you audition forget all your rehearsal work and have a great time. Your instrument will make all the right choices.


Toni Attell is an acting coach and has private workshops in Sherman Oaks. Interested students call 818-787-8685  


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