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Working with Managers and Agents


In Hollywood if you are new, or a teen, child, or parent, it can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Remember the whole “feeling” around Hollywood for all actors even adults seems to be “You are never enough!”  All this is untrue, but it keeps the actor off balance and can be a slight manipulative way to control the talent.


First of all remember, “You are more then enough!” Do not listen to anyone who remarks, you must get new pictures, you must get SAG/AFTRA etc.  All this will happen the minute you get a SAG/AFTRA job.  Your first job you can do free without joining a union.  After your first job be prepared to have the monies necessary to join the Union if you get a second job.  Most production companies will give you a little time to make an appointment with SAG/AFTRA  to do what is called a “Must Join”.  However, do not put it off.  The minute you have the second job, call into the Union and make an appointment to pay dues and join immediately.  Some actors who put it off can sometimes loose the job, because the Production company does not wish to get a stiff fine, so if you do not join before going to the set, they may just find someone else.


This is a business.  Remember to learn what you need to learn with acting coaches before being seen by anyone.  You would not apply for a computer job unless you know all there is to know at the time about computers.  Your talent, face, body and techniques are your computer.  Keep it tuned up like your car.  Know what you can write off for income tax and continuing education  and dry cleaning, gas, costumes, etc.

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